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2 Aug


Insurance in the UK

Life has become uncertain these days. We never know what will happen next. Unexpected things might take place such as a chronic health condition, damages to property due to natural calamities or car accident. You might also fall sick while travelling abroad or your pet might need medical help. At such times, a cover helps by preventing a drain on your money. If you already have protection, the insurer will take care of your financial worries. That’s the reason the UK is the 3rd largest insurance industry in the world and Aviva UK is one of the leading industry when it comes to this. Not only that, over the years, 98% of all protection claims in the UK were paid out. So don’t think twice before getting it.


What Is Insurance?

Insurance protects you against any unexpected event that is likely to cost you a lot. It makes sense to protect yourself from incidents like a house fire, car accident or sudden death of your loved ones. You can also insure yourself to get money if you fall ill and are unable to go to work.


How Does it Work?

Insurance works pretty much the same in all countries across the globe. First, you choose what you want to be protected against. It’s not necessary that you should buy all the protection products available on the market. Only the necessary ones like ‘over 50 life cover’ and car insurance are sufficient for most people. However, it differs from individual to individual. If you have plans of travelling abroad in the coming holidays, getting a travel insurance would be worth your while. Then your insurer calculates what is the probability of that event happening and will determine the price you need to pay (premium). Later, if the event you’re insured against happens, you can make a claim and not spend a penny from your pocket.


Do I Really Need it?

That depends on many factors. Almost every citizen in the UK today has a life cover. Some even have their children covered. Those who have pets that are likely to bring high vet charges should consider getting your pet insured. If you have a car, you can’t drive it without at least a basic car insurance. You can’t get a mortgage without your house having a buildings insurance. Likewise, if you’re travelling, starting out without a travel insurance may not be the best thing to do. An income protection insurance can help cover your mortgage payments if you suddenly quit your job due to poor health.


Is it Easy to Make a Claim?

Insurers understand that when things go bad, it gives us a lot of stress and mental tension. That’s why they make the insurance claim process simple and stress-free, provided you do your bit too. Some tips that can make your claim acceptance easy are:

  • Don’t wait to file your claim. Your policy might have a time limit for making claims, but it’s best to file as soon as possible.
  • Give clear details. This won’t end up confusing the insurer and there will be fewer hold-ups in the process.
  • Don’t overrate the situation. If you ask for too much, it could invalidate your claim.
  • Document the damage as much as possible. Take photos and videos to back up your claim with solid evidence.

While making a claim, keep a note of the date and time, the person you spoke to and what they said. This helps in documenting the claim process.


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